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Integrated biomass utilisation demonstration plant
Integrated biomass utilisation demonstration plant

DONG Energy has started the construction of a demonstration plant in Denmark. The principal purpose of the demonstration plant is to show that DONG Energy’s second-generation technology can be applied on a large scale, i.e. that large-scale production of ethanol from straw is possible.

The plant will also demonstrate that integration with a power station, enabling the residual biomass to be combusted, thereby generating more energy than is used by the plant itself, results in efficient and financially viable energy utilisation.

The investment is in the range of 300 mio kr, and for the design and engineering Inbicon has received support from the Danish Energy Authority. The bioethanol plant will be integrated with a coal fired power plant,and hence it’s possible to increase the overall efficiency. The demonstration plant will have three outputs: ethanol, biofuel and animal feed.

 Unique collaboration at the port in Kalundborg
DONG Energy’s demonstration plant for production of bioethanol will be located in Asnćs Power Station’s area bordering on the dock in Kalundborg. This will enable the bioethanol plant to be part of the collaboration that involves many other companies in the port area.

The companies utilise each other’s residual products in a sustainable cycle that benefits each company financially and is also environmentally beneficial. Statoil’s oil refinery and Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab, DLG (Danish Cooperative Farm Supply) are situated at the port.

The refinery can receive bioethanol from the demonstration plant and blend it with petrol. DLG and other agricultural enterprises can supply the bioethanol plant with straw and can sell the feed products from the bioethanol production.




Kalundborg (at Asnćs Power Station)

Scheduled start-up:

Autumn 2009


Raw materials:

4 tonnes of straw per hour, equivalent to 30,000 tonnes of straw per year.


Enzymes will be supplied by Danisco Genencor


4,300 tonnes / 5,400 m3 of ethanol per year


8,250 tonnes of biofuel per year


11,100 tonnes of molasses (65%DM) per year, which is used for feed, but could, in the future, also be used for bioethanol production

Global showcase in 2009
In December 2009, Denmark will be hosting the UN climate summit, COP 15, where it is hoped that a global political agreement on a resolution to the CO2 problem will be reached. The Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012 and a new agreement will therefore concern post-2012 CO2 reductions.

Hosting the climate summit presents a unique opportunity to showcase Danish companies’ skills within efficient energy production, renewable energy sources and development of new energy solutions such as second-generation bioethanol that reduce atmospheric emissions of CO2.

The plan is consequently for DONG Energy’s demonstration plant in Kalundborg to be ready before the climate summit. That will give us an opportunity to show a Danish and international audience that we can produce bioethanol on a large scale using our second-generation technology.

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